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Postpartum Depression

Perinatal Psychotherapy for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

At Elle Psychotherapy, our cornerstone is providing unparalleled care for postpartum depression and anxiety. Drawing from advanced research conducted in specialized outpatient, hospital, and community settings, our treatments are the culmination of collaborative efforts with physicians, nurses, midwives, and mothers.

We don't just focus on the mother; our holistic approach encompasses the mother-infant dyad. Our methods are not only innovative but have also been clinically proven to foster improved bonding and attachment between mother and infant, while also enhancing infant brain development.

If you or a loved one are navigating the challenges of postpartum depression or anxiety and seek a treatment that supports both mother and baby, please contact us now.

Embarking on Your Journey to Healing with Elle Psychotherapy

At the heart of Elle Psychotherapy lies our commitment to addressing postpartum depression and anxiety. We provide a suite of tailored treatment options—whether online or in-person—to cater to your specific needs, your infant's well-being, and your schedule.

Our specialized on-staff psychiatrist collaborates closely with your therapist, ensuring a holistic approach to optimize your recovery journey.

Your Path to Healing

Step 1: Contact Us
Step 2: Meet Your Therapist and Develop Your Personalized Care Plan
Step 3: Begin Therapy

Comprehensive Perinatal Care

We understand the myriad of emotions and challenges one can face during the perinatal period. Explore our specialized services tailored to experiences like Birth Trauma, Partner Support, and Navigating Perinatal Grief.

Navigating the aftermath of a traumatic birth experience? You're not alone. Elle Psychotherapy offers specialized, trauma-focused treatments to help you heal, reconnect, and move forward with hope and resilience. Connect with our dedicated team today and take the first step towards your healing journey.

Embrace the challenges of the perinatal period with specialized care at Elle Psychotherapy. We're here for fathers and non-birthing parents every step of the way. Reach out for the support you deserve.

In the face of perinatal loss, lean on the compassionate care at Elle Psychotherapy. We’re here to help you process, heal, and find renewed hope. Take the step towards understanding and healing today.

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Our Fees

What are your rates?

  • Individual Therapy Sessions: $195 (approx. 60 mins)

  • Comprehensive Assessment in consultation with psychiatrist: $250 (approx. 90 mins)

How can I pay?

Payments can be made online to process credit card payments or etransfers. Cash and/or cheque not currently accepted. Some insurance plans cover counselling services. Visits with the psychiatrist are covered by OHIP (i.e., your Ontario health card).

Effective, Personalized Treatments

Get in touch with us to enquire about a treatment that will work for you.

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